The "common" person just doesn't understand our daily struggle as cosplayers. It's a difficult hobby! But here you can feel safe in knowing that you're not alone. We all know that cosplay problem.

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Anonymous asked
Do people who cosplay as gender bent characters get a lot of slack? I want to go as a gender bent dbz character but I don't want to be annoyed or insulted :/

I’ve cosplayed a handful of genderbent designs and have never had any issues. I really feel like it depends on how you go about the outfit… I’ve noticed, though, that genderbent male to female cosplays do sometimes get slack if they show too much skin doing so(original character is fully clothed in pants, long shirt, etc. but genderbent in bootyshorts or mini skirts and a crop top)…

Like, I generally don’t have a problem with how people decide to cosplay the characters, but like… if it has nothing to do with the character…

I can’t.

It’s people’s choices how they cosplay in the end, and there’s no “right” or “wrong” way to do something, but people are always going to find something to complain about.

Just take it in stride, however you decide to do it. We’re all dressing up like  anime, video games, and comic characters. As long as you enjoy yourself and no one gets hurt, 5 gold stars for you. lol



We were asked all these questions about how long the costumes took us, how we did it, etc. 

I paused the video right when we were asked how much money we spent on our cosplays and



does that give you your answer



Cosplay Eye Makeup

Let me introduce you to one of my favorite cosplay channels ran by zWinnieYap.

She creates some amazing eye makeup that can be used for bishounen makeup, villain makeup, gyaru makeup, or any other application of her videos. Please like and share because she definitely deserves more attention for her craft!

This is so helpful!

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Here you go! Out of the kindness of my heart I handmade a FREE PRINTABLE TEMPLATE AND INTSTRUCTIONS FOR 3D MANEUVER GEAR! It is just the back piece but I will do more tutorials and templates when I am not BROKE because that took me several hours to make. 

If some people buy commissions of the gear from me (send an ask if you are interested) I will make tutorials for the other parts of the gear and stuff (maybe even costume pattern if I make enough money). 

I did all of the math for you (stay in school kids, one day you will need that calculus and geometry homework) so it should be pretty easy, but if you have questions or a problem or just want to pay me to do it for you, send me an ask. 

Good luck!

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Anonymous asked
Anon, I will admit my first cosplay was TERRIBLE. People loved it anyway. People loved me as a cosplayer anyway. Looking back, I can't believe I willingly stepped out of the house in it. But the response was so overwhelmingly positive that I don't regret it at all. And I look fourteen now. That cosplay was two years ago and *now* I look fourteen. You're fine, go have fun :)
Anonymous asked
Hi! I wanted to go to cons and I'm currently 13, but the problem is I'm terrified of being rejected by older cosplayers. My parents are fine with it, and I honestly think my cosplay is good, I've been working on it for so long! I'm just scared I'll be made fun of, or told I look 'like a child escaping their mommy', or being told I must be a 'weeaboo' or out of control teen. Any advice?

Honestly if someone says that right off the bat without getting to know you, they’re not worth your time. I’ve met a lot of younger cosplayers and have enjoyed my time with them immensely! I think the best thing to do whenever meeting new people in a any kind of setting(and conventions especially, imo) is to be respectful and mature, but don’t hold back fangirling over comic and anime ‘cause that’s what we’re all there for! lol

As long as you’re not running around like a 5 year old or screaming profanities or invading other’s personal spaces you should be fine.

timidfurry asked
Alright, so I plan on closet cosplaying Aoi Asahina the first day of school, and even though I have a great chance to get away with it, I'm afraid of getting sexually harrassed, since I'll have to show off skin. What should I do?

It honestly doesn’t look like she’s showing that much skin. Since it’s a closet cosplay and just for school, you can always wear slightly longer shorts & a higher neckline shirt.

That, or say screw it and wear it how you want and if you get harassed, tell someone.  A lot of the time people will harass others because they know they can get a way with it, but if you bring a higher authority into the equation then they’re likely to back down. also, don’t become meek if it happens. Stay strong and confident and you’re likely to intimidate them into submitting and backing off.